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We help athletes in not only building their financial plan, but working with their agents, publicists, accountants, managers to make sure they are taken care of on all angles. As many athletes play on a team, we ensure you have the right financial team in place for your situation. It is crucial that every player on YOUR team is working for YOU.", :intro2=>"Our team is led by Elijah, Ben and Malcolm. Being involved and around sports most of our lives, we understand the challenges athletes face. Our athlete program is competitive at its core and focuses on all the challenges an athlete will go through in his or her career.", :rep1=>{:image=>"", :title=>"Malcolm Jones (Co-Director)", :desc1=>"An athlete from a young age, Malcolm graduated high school as the Gatorade National Player of the Year. While playing running back at University of California Los Angeles, Malcolm earned his degree in economics. As a former athlete himself, Malcolm understands the triumphs and tribulations that go along with an athlete's path to success."}, :rep2=>{:image=>"", :title=>"Elijah Souza (Co-Director)", :desc1=>"Growing up playing sports his whole life, Elijah has been engulfed in sports culture from a young age. While in college, he led marketing and promotional activities during Loyola Marymount University sporting events. He now works with athletes at all different stages of their careers and helps them through the unique challenges they face."}, :rep3=>{:image=>"", :title=>"Ben Dunbar (Co-Director)", :desc1=>"Ben has more of an action sports background, growing up with surfing, skateboarding, and skiing all being regular parts of his daily life. With the growing success of events like the X-Games and increasing popularity of extreme sports, Ben helps his athletes take advantage of high incomes at a young age, and building a brand that will last."}, :links=>["", "", "", "", ""], :link_titles=>["Being an NFL Athlete…On a Budget?!", "How To Get in On The Big Money In Sports", "The Next Big Thing In Sports - Video Games!", "[VIDEO] Energy is still the play to make", "Live Sports Remain Ace In The Hole For Cable Companies Against Cord Cutters"], :link_images=>["", "", "", "", ""], :subsection1=>{:title=>"Budgeting and Cash Management", :text_html=>"<p>\"You can live like a king for a year or you can live like a prince for life!\" We will work with you to help you find a balance between saving for your future and enjoying your hard earned money today. We help you create a budget for during your sports career that can sustain you throughout your life, not just during your playing years.</p>"}, :subsection2=>{:title=>"Investment Management", :text_html=>"<p>We often see athletes who have been taken advantage of by advisors who do not put their interest first. At Gerber Kawasaki Wealth Management we legally have a fiduciary responsibility to put our clients best interest first!</p>"}, :subsection3=>{:title=>"Financial Planning", :text_html=>"<p>A majority of athletes will make most of their income within the first handful years of their professional careers. Our job is to help ensure those funds last well beyond retirement from professional sports.</p>"}, :subsection4=>{:title=>"Longevity of Career/Brand Awareness", :text_html=>"<p>One of the most underappreciated areas of an athlete’s life is building a brand early. Building this brand elongates the athlete’s career and will pay dividends later. As a company with significant social media experience and a national presence, we work with these athletes to grow their brands beyond the playing field.</p>"}, :subsection5=>{:title=>"Our Mission", :text_html=>"<p>The mission of our Sports Group is to help overcome the unique challenges faced by athletes and help them make sound financial decisions to ensure their wealth lasts long after retirement from professional sports.</p>"}, :articles_subsection_title=>"GK Sports Material"}, :trust_services=>{:page_title=>"GK Trust Services", :menu_title=>"Trust Services"}, :wow=>{:past_events=>"Past Events", :menu_title=>"Women of Wealth", :page_title=>"Women of Wealth", :codirector=>"Co-Director", :intro1=>"The Women of Wealth group is a community of professional like-minded women who get together every quarter for fun social events. The goal of each event is to talk about current events and network amongst each other.", :intro2=>"Led by Francine and Kaytlin, who focus their practice on understanding the unique challenges that women and their families face. Our WOW advisors provide personalized guidance by customizing a financial plan for your short and long term goals. They are here to be your resource and support team and provide you with the education that you need to pursue financial independence.", :intro3=>"WOW's mission is to build a community of empowered and educated women who want to feel secure and confident about their financial future.", :rep1=>{:image=>"", :title=>"Francine Lai (Co-Director)", :desc1=>"Francine's mission is to educate and empower women in all stages of their lives; single women, women with families, career oriented women and home makers so you can make educated choices to help you succeed in reaching your goals.", :desc2=>"Francine has a BA in economics from UCSD."}, :rep2=>{:image=>"", :title=>"Kaytlin Hall, MBA (Co-Director)", :desc1=>"Kaytlin has blended her interest in finance with her desire to help individuals and families plan their financial future. She focuses her practice on understanding the unique challenges women and their families face, and provides personalized guidance that puts your goals first.", :desc2=>"Kaytlin has a BS in finance from Roger Williams University and a MBA in Financial Planning from California Lutheran University."}, :past_events_images=>["/files/wow/4.jpg", "/files/wow/1.jpg", "/files/wow/3.jpg", "/files/wow/10.jpg", "/files/wow/6.jpg", "/files/wow/7.jpg", "/files/wow/11.jpg", "/files/wow/9.jpg", "/files/wow/5.jpg", "/files/wow/8.jpg"], :past_events_text=>["February 5th, 2016 &quot;Wine and Cheese Party&quot; @ Wheel House Cheese Shop in Los Angeles", "December 1st, 2015 &quot;WOW's Holiday Party&quot; @ Fritto Misto in Santa Monica", "August 10th, 2015 &quot;Summer Champagne Brunch&quot; @ California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey", "May 5th, 2015 &quot;WOW + 1&quot; @ Gerber Kawasaki office in Santa Monica", "March 23rd, 2015 &quot;There's No Place like Home&quot; @ Private Residence in Marina del Rey", "November 10th, 2014 &quot;WOW's Holiday Party&quot; @ Bodega Wine Bar in Santa Monica", "August 20th, 2014 &quot;Namaste and Number&quot; @ the Yoga Collective in Venice", "February 18th, 2014 &quot;From WOW with Love&quot; @ Waterloo and City in Culver City", "November 18th, 2013 &quot;WOW's Holiday Party&quot; @ Upper West in Santa Monica", "August 14, 2013- &quot;Cocktails and Conversations&quot; @ Koplin Del Rio Gallery in Culver City"], :event1_html=>"February 5th, 2016 &quot;Wine and Cheese Party&quot; @ Wheel House Cheese Shop in Los Angeles", :event2_html=>"December 1st, 2015 &quot;WOW's Holiday Party&quot; @ Fritto Misto in Santa Monica", :event3_html=>"August 10th, 2015 &quot;Summer Champagne Brunch&quot; @ California Yacht Club in Marina del Rey", :event4_html=>"Mary 5th, 2015 &quot;WOW + 1&quot; @ Gerber Kawasaki office in Santa Monica", :event5_html=>"March 23rd, 2015 &quot;There's No Place like Home&quot; @ Private Residence in Marina del Rey", :event6_html=>"November 10th, 2014 &quot;WOW's Holiday Party&quot; @ Bodega Wine Bar in Santa Monica", :event7_html=>"August 20th, 2014 &quot;Namaste and Number&quot; @ the Yoga Collective in Venice", :event8_html=>"May 14th, 2014 &quot;A Time to Work, a Time to Play&quot; @ Color Me Mine in Santa Monica", :event9_html=>"February 18th, 2014 &quot;From WOW with Love&quot; @ Waterloo and City in Culver City", :event10_html=>"November 18th, 2013 &quot;WOW's Holiday Party&quot; @ Upper West in Santa Monica", :event11_html=>"August 14, 2013- &quot;Cocktails and Conversations&quot; @ Koplin Del Rio Gallery in Culver City", :event12_html=>"November 18th, 2013 &quot;WOW's Holiday Party&quot; @ Upper West in Santa Monica"}, :why_us=>{:page_title=>"Why Gerber Kawasaki", :independent=>"Independent", :personalized=>"Personalized", :educate=>"Educate", :low_fees=>"Low Fees", :technology=>"Technology", :research=>"Proprietary Research", :independent_title=>"Independence to focus on your best interest", :independent_description=>"As an independent investment advisor, we help you choose the most appropriate investments based on your needs. Gerber Kawasaki is a fiduciary, not a broker; we are required by law to do what is in your best interest. This gives you the confidence to know that we are working for you. Trust is a crucial element to building strong relationships.", :personalized_title=>"A personalized financial plan for you", :personalized_description=>"We develop a long term, personal relationship with you. We learn about you and your needs, goals and dreams. We use a holistic approach to financial planning, educating you about your financial planning needs and then work diligently to create a customized plan for you. We meet with you in person and continually update you on your accounts and investments, current strategy and progress.", :educate_title=>"We educate and inform", :educate_description=>"We spend a considerable amount of time reviewing investment and account options with you, the pros and cons of every strategy or investment and then help you make better choices in planning your future. Through the learning process we empower you to make strong financial decisions.", :low_fees_title=>"Low fees and expenses", :low_fees_description=>"We focus on providing the lowest possible costs and fees. We know that the lower the investment costs, the higher the net returns. We take pride in striving to provide great service and results at the lowest cost possible.", :technology_title=>"State of the art technology and communication platform", :technology_description=>"Gerber Kawasaki's website keeps our clients connected to their advisor, accounts, and information any time anywhere. Our dedicated iOS application provides our clients access to everything they need to know about their money and our firm. Our firm is active in social media which means you can always contact us and learn more about achieving your goals.", :research_title=>"In house, proprietary investment research", :research_description=>"We manage and pick all of our investments using the experience, hard work and systems of our investment selection committee. No two accounts are the same since we customize all aspects of your investment portfolio. Through teamwork, diligence and focus, we identify the most appropriate opportunities in the markets and then design a plan that is right for you."}, :how_we_work=>{:page_title=>"How Gerber Kawasaki Works", :page_subtitle=>"Gerber Kawasaki is a full service financial planning and investment advisory firm. We develop customized financial plans for clients at all stages of the wealth accumulation journey. Unlike many firms that only provide information or advice, we actually implement your financial plan and help you manage your accounts. Depending on your situation, Gerber Kawasaki has two financial planning programs, our Wealth Building plan for younger individuals and families and our Wealth Management plan for established investors.", :step_one=>"Step One", :step_one_description=>"Take the first step by gathering your financial information and statements, and think about your financial goals.", :step_two=>"Step Two", :step_two_description=>"Contact Gerber Kawasaki and schedule a complimentary in person, phone or video appointment with one of our licensed advisors. We will review your situation and put together your financial plan.", :step_three=>"Step Three", :step_three_description=>"Your Gerber Kawasaki advisor will help you implement your financial plan and will continually monitor and manage your investments to help you pursue your financial goals.", :contact_us=>"We work with you to help simplify your life, build financial independence and ultimately help make your life richer and more fun. Learn more, join our community and get help now! Contact us to get your financial plan.", :schedule_html=>"Schedule <br/>An <br/>Appointment", :discovery_html=>"Financial <br/>Discovery <br/>With A GK <br/>Advisor", :analysis_html=>"Analysis <br/>And Plan <br/>Creation", :implementation_html=>"Financial <br/>Plan <br/>Implementation", :monitoring_html=>"Monitoring <br/>And <br/>Review"}, :facebook_financial_advisor_bay_area=>{:subheading=>"Your Local Bay Area Advisors"}, :facebook_financial_advisor=>{:heading=>"Independent and Objective Financial Advice", :subheading=>"Your Local Santa Monica Advisors", :helping_people=>"Gerber Kawasaki is an independent investment advisor helping people like you build and implement a financial plan as well as help you manage your money."}, :facebook_financial_advisor_tech=>{:heading=>"Independent and Objective Financial Advice", :subheading=>"Your Local Santa Monica Advisors", :helping_people=>"Gerber Kawasaki is an independent investment advisor helping people in the technology industry build and implement a financial plan as well as help you manage your money."}, :wealth_building=>{:secret_html=>"<p>We believe the secret to proper wealth building is applying a variety of financial planning strategies to help you pursue your goals.</p> <p>Building wealth is a combination of proper savings techniques, budgeting and properly protecting yourself from adversity.</p>", :series_html=>"Gerber Kawasaki Financial Advisors has developed a series of Wealth Building Mantras that we employ with every client. By using a combination of proper diversification, asset allocation and tax advantaged plans, we believe one can build substantial wealth over time.", :have_question=>"Have a question about saving for retirement, college, or a home?", :try_calculator_html=>"Try our %{href} to find out how much you are able to save each month.", :various_plans_html=>"We employ various individual and corporate retirement plans to give you the best opportunity to reach your goals. By focusing on minimizing taxes, our clients can pursue their goals without the burden of taxes.", :own_residence_html=>"Gerber Kawasaki Financial Advisors believes that every family should own their home. Not only are there significant tax advantages, but the long term accumulation potential of owning your own home is great.", :college_html=>"A higher education is more important than ever. Every family should plan for the expense of sending their kids to college. Using tax advantaged college plans is key to seeing your children graduate from college without the burden of substantial debt.", :adversity=>"Protection from adversity", :insurance_html=>"Life has many twists and turns, and it's important for families to protect themselves with proper life insurance and estate planning. We assist our clients by designing a custom life insurance plan to help you pursue your goals while protecting your family."}, :wealth_management=>{:proper_wealth_managment_html=>"At Gerber Kawasaki Financial Advisors, we believe proper wealth management is both a science and an art form. Our portfolios are personally designed and managed by our Wealth Management Team led by Ross Gerber, President and CEO, of Gerber Kawasaki, An Independent Registered Investment Advisor.", :latest_tech=>"Of course we use the latest technology to monitor, track and research our investments, but when it comes to investment selection, we pick them the old fashioned way, through human investigation, hard work and focus.", :customizing_portfolio=>"Most firms today use simple computer models or high cost funds to manage your money but this method is typically a path to mediocre results. By customizing your portfolio to your goals, applying our research and methods to actively managing your money, your Gerber Kawasaki Financial Advisor is focused on getting the best results possible while limiting risks.", :now_is_time=>"Now is the time to make the move to having the type of wealth management you deserve!", :accounts_handled=>"Our Wealth Management accounts are handled by our Investment Advisory Team, and overseen by Ross Gerber, President and CEO of Gerber Kawasaki, an independent registered investment advisor. Our team meets on a weekly basis and reviews the economy and all of our investment positions. We believe our collective experience and insights as well as our investment process gives us an edge when it comes to managing your money. Our goal is for our clients to have the confidence that all of our investment recommendations are thoroughly analyzed and monitored by our investment advisor team.", :direct_access=>"All of our wealth management clients have direct access to their dedicated advisor.", :personal_approach=>"Actively managing and customizing your portfolio takes more effort than computer modeling, but we believe it's worth the work. We focus on providing the best financial results possible for our clients within their investment objective.", :our_style=>"Our investment style focuses on asset allocation and proper diversification first. We start by building an overall account allocation and then put all of your investment pieces in place based off your preferences and our investment research. By using a combination of investments we design personalized portfolios specifically tailored to our clients' needs.", :client_discovery=>"During our in depth client discovery meeting, we learn your investment goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon before we design your portfolio. By customizing your portfolio just for you, you have confidence that your portfolio is right for you.", :we_focus=>"We focus on three main investment themes in building our portfolios:", :tech_comm_html=>"Technology/communications companies – America excels in developing groundbreaking technologies. We focus on investing in transformative technologies such as AI, autonomous vehicles, VR, streaming and mobility. We believe technology is one of the best areas for growth over the next 20 years. We have extensive experience and knowledge investing in technology companies and our views are followed in the <a target='_blank' href=''>media</a>.", :natural_resources=>"Natural resources – As the world's population grows and demand increases for the limited supply of natural resources investments in core commodities and energy potentially represent good long-term opportunities for investors. As more of the world becomes industrialized there are many opportunities to serve the worlds resource needs.", :global_markets=>"Global markets – The United States is just one market within a very large and diverse world. By having a global investment viewpoint we look for opportunities throughout the developed and emerging markets. By looking at investments through a global viewpoint our clients can take advantage of an array of investment choices.", :investment_selection=>"Through our personalized investment selection process, we believe we are positioning our clients to take advantage of the potential future growth in the technologies, resources and economies of the world.", :socially_responsible=>"Many clients want to be socially responsible with their investments. Our investment team has built a portfolio of companies that meet our criteria as green or socially responsible. In our green portfolios, we invest in companies that are good for people and the world around us. We specifically exclude companies in the following industries: military, alcohol, gambling, tobacco, oil, junk food, industrials, financial, fire arms. We've identified companies that meet our criteria for green investing but also make potentially profitable investments.", :customized_green=>"We build customized green portfolios just for you:", :green_energy=>"Green Energy – Addressing the need for alternative energies due to the severe effects of global climate change. We want companies that are making environmentally friendly energy and efficient transportation.", :green_food=>"Green Food - Addressing the need for healthy organic foods to offset the rise in obesity in the world and improving the health of people in general.", :green_health=>"Green Health Care – Addressing the need for companies to cure and solve diseases that affect our population and society.", :socially_conscious=>"Socially Conscious (Firms of Endearment*) – These are companies that take particularly good care of their employees and customers through their internal policies and corporate actions. This includes work environment, highly ethical, visionary leaders and positive corporate cultures.", :disclaimer_html=>"Asset allocation does not ensure a profit or protect against a loss. No strategy assures success or protects against loss. <br/>There is no guarantee that a diversified portfolio will enhance overall returns or outperform a non-diversified portfolio. Diversification does not protect against market risk. <br/>International investing involves special risks such as currency fluctuation and political instability and may not be suitable for all investors. <br/>Because of their narrow focus, sector investing will be subject to greater volatility than investing more broadly across many sectors and companies."}, :home=>{:advice_or_build_html=>"Whether you are an investor seeking <a href='/wealth-management'>independent financial advice</a> or looking to take the first step to <a href='/wealth-building'>building a financial plan</a>, we are the firm for you!", :gk_is_experienced=>"Gerber Kawasaki Financial Advisors is a team of experienced investment advisor representatives utilizing the latest technology to educate and inform you on how to pursue your financial goals.", :two_plans=>"We have two financial planning programs for our clients:", :wealth_building_html=>"WEALTH BUILDING", :younger_individuals=>"Younger individuals and families looking to create and implement a financial plan to grow their assets.", :wealth_management_html=>"WEALTH MANAGEMENT", :full_service=>"Investors looking for full service, personalized investment advice and portfolio management."}, :about_us=>{:financial_crisis=>"In the wake of the financial crisis, many brand-name financial institutions had destroyed the trust and squandered the savings of millions of Americans. In 2010, it was clear to Ross Gerber and Danilo Kawasaki, industry veterans and long time friends, that a new paradigm for wealth and investment management was not only needed, but that they were the people to do it.", :headquartered=>"With offices in Santa Monica, CA and San Francisco, CA and over $650 Million in assets under management, Gerber Kawasaki is an independent investment advisor committed to building long-standing relationships throughout every phase in a clients' life.", :investment_program=>"We have an investment Program for you", :unlike_many=>"Unlike many advisors and managers who only seek out the high net worth investor, we offer two financial planning programs, wealth building and wealth management. Wealth building is most often geared at younger individuals and their families, aged 25-45, who are seeking advice and investments to help grow their wealth and help them pursue their unique investment goals. Wealth Management is aimed at more affluent clients and investors. The firm serves more than 4000 families across the country.", :new_model=>"A new model for how investment companies conduct business.", :technology=>"The firm has a mobile app available on all iOS devices that enables its clients access to their financial plan, news, customized portfolios and advisor team, 24/7, from their laptop, phone or tablet. The firm has an advanced technology platform and utilizes social media to enhance the client experience. Serving a large, national clientele, the firms' highly mobile financial advisors conduct a constant dialogue with over 30,000 Facebook friends and 30,000 Twitter followers, and meet often with our national clients and family via Skype/Facetime.", :news_maker=>"We are the opinion and news makers of our industry", :frequent_guest=>"Our CEO Ross Gerber is a frequent guest on CNN, Bloomberg TV, CNBC, Fox Business News, and Reuters, as well as a contributing writer for Publications such as The New York Times, The LA Times, The Wall Street Journal, Wealth Management, RIA Biz, Financial Planning, Reuters, Yahoo! Finance and many others have sought out the founders of Gerber Kawasaki, not only for their investment acumen and market insight, but to profile the unique experience and level of innovation this company offers the families it works with."}, :what_we_do=>{:take_steps=>"Now is the time to take the steps to build the life you want. No matter what stage of life you are in, it all starts around building a financial plan. Building your financial security empowers you to live the way you want and gives you confidence to enjoy your life. If you are new to financial planning and want to learn more, interested in taking action to build your financial plan or an investor looking to get help in managing your accounts, Gerber Kawasaki offers solutions for all of your financial planning needs.", :two_programs=>"Gerber Kawasaki has two financial planning programs", :focus_on_teaching_html=>"focuses on teaching <strong>younger clients</strong>, Generation X and Y, the different methods to accumulate savings and invest correctly. We build and implement a personalized financial plan to help you pursue your life goals.", :focus_on_established_html=>"focuses on <strong>established individuals and families</strong> seeking custom portfolio management services, comprehensive financial planning, retirement income planning, family insurance protection and estate planning. Portfolio management services require a minimum account size of $250,000."}, :money_about=>{:work_build_enjoy=>"Schedule a FREE consultation with an experienced GK advisor and get a FREE portfolio analysis.", :goals_budget_net_worth_get_help=>"Build your financial plan, do your budget, track your net worth, get our viewpoint on the news and monitor your accounts. All with help from a Gerber Kawasaki financial advisor.", :all_in_one_place=>"All you need to know about your money in one place. Get started online or download My Money Page.", :our_free_plan=>"Our free online financial plan", :build_plan_goals=>"Build your financial plan and goals, Compare your progress with your friends", :find_out_on_track=>"Find out if you are on track to reach your short and long term goals. Retirement, college savings, planning a wedding or the family vacation. Set your goals and we'll show you what it take to pursue them. Are you doing what you need to reach your goals, see how you rank relative to your friends.", :manage_budget_track=>"Manage your budget, Track your net worth", :set_budget=>"Set your budget, see how much money you can save and where to allocate it. Track your net worth and progress all in a secure environment. No personal account numbers and passwords to input. A simple interface to see where you're at and what you need to do to reach your financial goals.", :calc_needs=>"Calculate your financial needs, Check and manage your accounts all in one place.", :use_our_calcs=>"Use our customized calculators to determine how much you need to save and how to allocate your investments to reach your goals. Create your own goals and design a plan that works for you. Access your accounts and portfolios if you are a client of Gerber Kawasaki.", :access_to_advisor=>"Access to your own dedicated financial advisor", :anytime_help=>"Anytime you need help, have questions or simply want to open an account, your Gerber Kawasaki dedicated advisor is always here to help. Get the support you need to make your plan work, but also the guidance of an experienced advisor, no matter how much money you have! This is the first online financial solution that also gives you access to a real human being."}}}

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Alan Michnoff is the valuable mind behind the content produced by Gerber Kawasaki. Marketing assets, social media posts, and audio-visual solutions are his domain. Chapman University was lucky to have Alan as a student where he graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Film Production. His humbling professional career has journeyed him through the entertainment industry working on television, commercials, feature films, music videos, and more in various creative and production roles. With years of experience, Alan has mastered the craft of visual storytelling and now serves Gerber Kawasaki's growing communication team.

In his spare time, Alan explores campsites in Southern California, hobbies in portrait photography, and clowns.